The Company

institucional_estradasFounded in 2004, has MINUILA in its corporate principal activity is providing engineering services and construction. The vast experience of its employees allows for the planning of the construction process, the forecasting of trends and the best cost / benefit of the market.

Within this perspective, the MINUILA aims to perform services for the construction and civil engineering, quality and maturity, to meet the client not what he wants, but in need. The concern comes through with society's commitment to quality MINUILA where customers, employees and the company are seen as participants in the same process.

Direct the quality to meet customer needs and market, we mean: Valuing people and their development; Managing in an engaging, innovative, committing themselves to continuous improvement, ethical practices and seek to ensure results success.

Through its activities, the company creates jobs and allows for improved quality of life for hundreds of Angolans. This is because the MINUILA believes and participates in the development of Angola. Invest in man, in the amount of work and the importance of honoring their commitments.


Develop the construction business, with innovative and responsible solutions, in order to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and the community as a whole, in order to achieve a sustainable cash flow and long-term investments with adequate returns.

The future is bleak, and the question is the survival of new trends. We have to reflect and define how to continue to be relevant and making a difference, we need to continue with this work, intelligence and innovation. We have to be expert in survival and able to seek solutions in times of apparent lack of output. If there is uncertainty there are opportunities, we must be quick, creative and offer smart and economic solutions for our customers. Continue to invest in learning and developing talent. We have to always offer the best to still be needed. Continue with commitment, accuracy and ethics, not to mention the constant respect for every one of our customers and each of the employees that make up our organization. We've learned we can not offer customers what they want but what they need and where it is.

institucional_escolaPrinciples and values

  • Identify opportunities;
  • Recognize improvement efforts;
  • Continued investment in human resources as a key component to achieve business objectives;
  • Continuously develop people as a strategic element of vital importance;
  • Effectively promote the growth of people.

Respect for the environment

    • To act with full respect for the environment and the community;
    • Looking ahead, make plans toward the next generations;
    • Find alternative solutions using available resources;
    • In constant search for innovation with high technology, always seeking to preserve the environment.

      Working safely

        • Be responsible for protecting the physical integrity of human assets, materials, facilities and equipment;
        • Take as an individual, entirely, the responsibility for the health and safety;
        • Preserve quality of life, confidentiality and privacy of each and all;
        • Direct and enforce standards of safety.

          Ethics in relationships

            • Acting in accordance with internal rules and ethical conduct;
            • Encourage mature relationships and true;
            • Treat others with trust and respect;
            • Search valuing diversity communications and internal environments around us.

              Discipline and responsibility

                • Execute and complete all work with full responsibility;
                • Be responsible individually and in teams;
                • Being willing to fight to win and be responsible for it;
                • Continually look for self growth;
                • Have inspired and guided by our vision and shared goals.

                  Value creation

                  • Participate in defining and implementing strategies for sustained growth and always contribute to improving and positioning the company with a view to continued success.

                  Promote teamwork

                  • Working to provide solutions that support the achievement of business objectives, while in respect of all get your goals, regardless of their position and role within the company.

                  Focus on results

                  • Create value and achieve strategic and operational objectives.

                  Making difference

                  • Contribute with enthusiasm and conviction to achieve the objectives of the company.

                  Promoting leadership

                  • Mobilize resources and to inspire the team to organize support in the achievement of business strategies in changing environments.